Shopping Period

FALL 2020:  The schedule for Course Selection has been modified to accommodate earlier registration for courses prior to arrival on Campus.  Below are key dates for Yale College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

  • August 7: Expanded course descriptions available in Canvas for fall 2020 courses
  • August 7-12: Students submit preferences for limited-enrollment courses
  • August 17: Students informed of admission to limited-enrollment courses
  • August 21: Deadline for students to submit a preliminary course schedule
  • August 25: Course schedule adjustment period (“add/drop”) begins and "shopper" enrollments will begin converting to "student" enrollments in Canvas
  • August 31: Classes begin
  • September 4: Final schedules due 

During the first few weeks of the Fall and Spring terms, Yale students are given the opportunity to "shop" for courses.  During this shopping period, students can attend courses and view online course materials to help them decide for which courses to officially register.

During this time, you will see participants with the role of "Shopper" added to your site.

Note:  Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions about the status of students' enrollment in your class. Our system reflects the data from that office.

What happens during shopping period?

  • Students shop for courses via OCS (Online Course Selection) and Yale Course Search **
  • Students' OCS worksheet lists are shared with Canvas by the Registrar's system every 2 hours.
  • Canvas provides access to course sites on a student's OCS list based on data received from the Registrar. Students will see a full list of courses they are enrolled in under the "Courses" area (via the "Courses" button found in the left side global navigation bar).
  • Until the students' registration is finalized, they will appear in Canvas sites with the role of "Shopper".

** The School of Management employs an alternate method for enrolling students in courses during the shopping period. For more information, please contact the SOM Registrar. Yale Law School students who want to “browse” courses in Canvas, need to register via 

Note: Students can also go to the Yale Course Search to search for courses and access the official course syllabus for that course. Syllabi are available only for courses that have been published by the instructor and are available in Course Search within 6 hours of the course being published.

After approximately two weeks

  • Students create a final course selection list on OCS before their access to the system is lost.
  • Students finalize their schedules and obtain permissions to seal registration. The Registrar oversees the collection of this information.
  • Canvas receives final registration data from the Registrar (this can occur 1-2 weeks after the end of shopping period).
  • Officially registered students' role on the Canvas Roster is changed from "shopper" to "student" (or "auditor"). Students who drop a course will have their shopper enrollment removed from those dropped courses.

Finalizing the class roster after shopping period

  • Shoppers are notified that they will be deleted from course sites on a specified date unless their registration is finalized. Shoppers who have the instructor's permission may request to retain access to a course site in the guest role.
  • At the specified date, Canvas deletes all shoppers. For those who didn't register for a course, the course disappears from their course list.
  • The class roster is finalized.

For more help, please contact