End of Add/Drop Period

This article provides information on Canvas enrollment for shoppers and official registration at the end of the add/drop period. For information specific to your role in Canvas, see below:


To accommodate students with delayed or late course registration, shoppers will continue to exist in Canvas course sites for up to two weeks after the last day of the add/drop period.  Instructors and shoppers will be notified in advance of the removal of shoppers.

After this notice has been posted, students may send requests to their course instructors asking to be updated to the "Guest Student" role to avoid losing access to course sites.

Note: Unless the student is officially registered for a course, course membership is at the discretion of the instructor.

Instructor Information

Granting a Guest Student Access as a "Shopper"

Students who were manually added to your course

Please be aware that if you have manually added any students to your course with the role of “shopper”, these students will also be removed as part of the end of add/drop processes.

If you receive a request from a manually added "shopper", please go to the “People” tool and edit the user’s course role to “Guest Student”.  For instructions on changing a manually added user’s course role, please visit the "How do I edit user roles in a course?" article.

Students who a added your course via OCS or official registration

If you receive a request from a student who added your course via OCS, you will not be able to modify their course role.  These students will will either need to officially register for the course through OCS and/or with the assistance of their departmental registrar or you will need to add the student to your course as a Guest Student. This will allow the students to be listed as "Shopper" and Guest Student in the course. In order to do so, please visit the "How do I add users to my course?".

Note: Adding a student as a Guest Student will not necessarily resolve official enrollment issues

Student Information

If you are listed as a shopper in a Canvas course at the end of the add/drop period, you either used OCS to add the course to your worksheet or you may have been manually enrolled into the course by your instructor/department registrar.  

If you are registering for the course and have already submitted all necessary documentation...

  • Your “shopper” status will automatically update to “student” once your registration has been processed and entered into the system.  

If you do not plan on taking the course...

  • Do nothing.  Within 2 weeks of the end of the add/drop period, your account will be removed from the course.

If you do not plan on registering for the course, but would like to maintain access to the course...

  • Contact your instructor and ask to have your course role converted to "Guest Student".  Please be aware that course membership is subject to the instructor's discretion.

Questions about your role:

If you have any questions about your role or unsure of what role you have in your course, please contact your instructor and have them check your role in the “People” tool.  If you have questions about OCS or your registration status in a class, please contact your Residential College Dean's office or your Departmental Registrar's office.

For more help, please contact canvas@yale.edu.