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Gradebook Views and Filtering

The basic new gradebook view is familiar in many ways. It still has the same student and assignment grades table as the main part. However, it does introduce many new features, including the ability to change view of the gradebook.

Gradebook View

1. Click on "Grades" from the course menu to access the gradebook

Click "Grades"

2. Each assignment that you have created in the course will have its own column with the rows being the enrolled students.

Student Row and Assignment Column

3. Each assignment category will also have its own column with the student’s average for that category. You can set the weights of these categories

Assignment Categories and Total Column

4. Finally, by going to "View" and hovering over "Filters", you can filter the gradebook by assignment groups, modules, sections, and student groups. Checking these off produce a drop down menu that will allow you to filter. See the "Filtering" section below to learn more.

View and Filter

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