Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides Getting Started with ZoomLogging in the Zoom application with your Yale credentials

Logging in the Zoom application with your Yale credentials

This guide will show you how to log in to the Zoom application on your computer using your Yale credentials. If you have not yet set up your Yale Zoom account, you can do so following the step here. Additionally, you can download the Zoom application for your device here.

Select "Sign in with SSO"

After opening Zoom, select the option on the right to "Sign in with SSO".

Enter "Yale" as your company domain

You may be prompted to enter a company domain. If  "Yale" is not autofilled, please enter "Yale" for the company domain.

Log in through Yale's Central Authentication Service (CAS)

A browser will open and prompt you to log in through CAS using your Yale NetID and Password. Once you log in you will then be prompted to return to Zoom where you will be logged in.