External App: LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a light weight integration with Canvas allowing you to bring in already published content available in LinkedIn Learning into Canvas as assignment or as content in a module.  You will not be able to see if someone has completed the content in LinkedIn Learning, so it is recommended this content is brought in as supplemental material to your course.

Anyone with a Yale NetID can take advantage of the content hosted in LinkedIn Learning with our without the Canvas integration, but it is important to note that only NetID holders will be able to follow the URLs posted in Canvas.

All courses in Canvas can take advantage of the integration, including "Project Sites."

Requesting Sub Admin Access to LinkedIn Learning

You must have a Sub Admin level role in LinkedIn Learning in order to integrate content from LinkedIn Learning into Canvas.  

Before your account can be elevated, you will first need to activate your in LinkedIn Learning account.  To activate your account, please visit the following page on the Yale HR website.


After your account has been activated,  please email [email protected] requesting Sub Admin Access to LinkedIn Learning.

Finding LinkedIn Learning Content

You must be in the Admin Dashboard of LinkedIn Learning in order to find the SSO URL necessary to bring the content you are interested in into Canvas. 

To find the Admin Dashboard, log into LinkedIn learning with your NetID and password, and click on the Go To Admin button in the top-right of the top navigation bar.

Your top navigation bar will turn Blue when you are in the Admin Dashboard view, and you will be able to use the center search bar to find the content you wish to bring into Canvas.

Once you find the content you are interested in, Videos, Courses or Learning Paths will all have a unique SSO URL found under the "More" menu that you will need  in order to send your students to the correct piece of content when assigned or referenced from Canvas.

You will also be able to create your own Collections and Learning Paths with the content you find in LinkedIn Learning, but it is important to note that everything in LinkedIn Learning, including Collections or Learning Paths are available to ANYONE at Yale with a NetID, and not just to your class.

Create a Learning Path if you want to curate videos, courses and custom content on a specific topic or job function for learners to explore in sequential order.

Create a Collection if you want to curate videos, courses and custom content on a specific topic or job function for learners to explore in any order.

Adding LinkedIn Learning Content to Canvas

LinkedIn Learning content can be brought into Assignments or into Modules in Canvas. You can add a link to a Video, a Course, a Learning Path or a Collection.

Adding to Assignments

You can create as assignment for students to give them a due date, but as no data passes back and forth between Canvas and LinkedIn Learning content, you may want to consider making it a complete/incomplete assignment type instead of the other graded options.  Unfortunately, the assignment cannot be Not Graded as then the Submission Type selection box is not available.

Start by setting up your assignment as usual (How to Create an Assignment), and under the Submission Type area, paste the content's SSO URL found and copied from LinkedIn Learning into the External Tool URL box, and be sure to check "Load This Tool In A New Tab" as well.

Continue setting up the assignment as usual.

The benefits of adding LinkedIn Learning Content into Canvas as an assignment are to give your students due dates, and/or to make the content visible only to specific people or sections.  The drawback is that you cannot verify that the content was completed in LinkedIn Learning, so the content is better offered as supplemental.

Adding to Modules

LinkedIn Learning Content can also be added as content in Modules.

To  add an Item to your module, and choose External Tool as the content type.

Paste in the SSO share URL that you can copy from the LinkedIn learning site for courses or collections in the URL files and check "Load in new tab."  

The benefit of adding LinkedIn Learning Content to Canvas as content through Modules is that as it cannot verified complete as an assignment through LinkedIn Learning,  adding it here can help keep your grade book from getting cluttered with columns for assignments you may not otherwise grade.