Classroom Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture gives the teachers ability to record their lectures or presentations for viewing via Canvas or through any web browser. 

Typical recordings include video of the presenter, a screen capture, and audio all played back simultaneously. Lecture capture can be a one time event, or scheduled on a reoccurring basis with content automatically delivered to your canvas course. 

Contact our team at to get started with Lecture Capture. 


Benefit of lecture capture include the ability for students to: 

  • After attending in person lectures, review the recording on-demand as a study aid.
  • Engage more in class, as detailed note taking can be performed when viewing lecture recording. 
  • Stop, start and rewind difficult parts of a lecture, allowing them time to review difficult subject matter. 

Benefits for faculty include:

  • Ability to review their own lecture recordings to help identify areas of improvement.
  • Viewing metrics of video engangement to understand “hot spots” of student views. 

How to Get Support 

To begin, please email and a Poorvu staff member will respond.