What is New Quizzes?

The Canvas New Quizzes tool is an assessment tool within Canvas that is slated to replace the current quiz function (now known as "Classic Quiz") within Canvas. Creation of Classic Quizzes will no longer be available after Summer 2022, though existing Classic Quizzes will continue to function until fully replaced. Classic Quizzes will be fully replaced by New Quizzes in Spring 2023. 

When creating a quiz in a Canvas course users will now have the option to choose Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. This will allow users to become acquainted with the New Quizzes features before fully moving to New Quizzes. 

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New Quizzes release timeline

Canvas @ Yale will enable New Quizzes for all Yale academic courses August 2021. New Quizzes will be turned on for all Canvas course sites March 2022. Creation of Classic Quizzes will no longer be allowed July 2022. And New Quizzes will fully replace Classic Quizzes by March 2023. This quiz transition timeline is provided by Instructure, the vendor, and are subject to change.

A more detailed phased timeline can be found on Instructure's community page "Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline".

Instructure Quizzes Transition Timeline

Differences between quiz engines

Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes share many of the same quizzing functions. However, the two quiz tools function rather differently.

  • New Quizzes does not currently work with Respondus LockDown Browser or any other external application that intersects with quizzes.
  • New Quizzes will deliver graded and ungraded quizzes in a manner more in line with Canvas Assignments.
  • Graded and Ungraded surveys will be removed in New Quizzes. To prepare for this loss of functionality, Canvas @ Yale is currently piloting the Qualtrics LTI, which allows instructors to deliver surveys in their Canvas course using Qualtrics Surveys.
  • Classic and New Quizzes question banks are separate and cannot be shared.
  • Some features such as the RCE and question bank migration are not currently available, but are planned for release by the end of the quiz engine transition period.

For a more detailed comparison table of Classic and New Quiz features, please refer to the "New Quiz Feature Comparison" document.

How to choose a quiz engine when making a quiz

During this phased transition period, Canvas allows instructors to use either Classic or New Quizzes. When creating a quiz in your course site, you will now be able to select which quiz engine you would like to use.

  1. From the "Quizzes" page in your course site, click on "+Quiz" at the top right corner
Click "+Quiz"
  1. This will open up a "Choose a Quiz Engine" dialogue box. From here, you can choose between the two quiz engines.
    1. "Classic Quizzes" is the original quizzing tool. This is the version that is being phased out, however you can still create and use Classic Quizzes by selecting this option. If you are not ready to move to the new version, select this option.
    2. "New Quizzes" is the new quizzing tool that is being released in this transition. If you would like to test out the New Quizzes interface and functions, select this option.
  2. If you would like to save your quiz engine selection, check off "Remember my choice for this course". You can always reset your selection if you change your mind.
  3. Click "Submit" to move forward with quiz creation.
Select quiz engine, remember choice, and submit
  1. If you change your mind about your remembered quiz engine choice, you can reset your selection by clicking on the three dot menu icon at the top right of the Quiz page and click "Reset quiz engine choice".
Reset quiz engine choice

Copying a Classic Quiz to New Quizzes

  1. To copy an existing Classic Quiz over to "New Quizzes", click on the three dot menu icon next to the quiz.
  2. Click "Migrate" to convert the quiz to the New Quizzes format.

Note: A New Quiz cannot be converted back to a Classic Quiz.

Migrate classic quiz
  1. A new, unpublished quiz will appear below the classic quiz. This quiz will open in the New Quiz format, and you can open it to start exploring and editing the quiz in the New Quiz engine.
Copy of New Quiz

Creating a New Quiz

For more help, please contact canvas@yale.edu.