Anonymous Grading

Canvas allows you to hide student names in Assignments. By default, student names are shown in the Gradebook. Although you cannot change this in the Gradebook, you can hide student names when in SpeedGrader to remove bias in grading. You can also turn on anonymous grading at the course level that will allow you to create assignments with anonymous grading.

Enabling Anonymous Grading in SpeedGrader

1. Open SpeedGrader from the assignment you would like to grade anonymously.

Open SpeedGrader

2. Click the gear icon near the top left of the browser and choose "Options".

Click on the gear and choose "Options"

3. From the pop up, check the box "Hide student names in the SpeedGrader" and click "Save Settings".

Note: This setting will turn on anonymous grading for all assignments even after leaving SpeedGrader. To turn it off, uncheck the box and save the settings

Check "Hide Student Names in the SpeedGrader" and click "Save Settings"

4. You can check to see that the student names are hidden by clicking the student drop down menu. You will see the names of students are now listed as Student 1, Student 2, etc.

Anonymous student list

Enabling Anonymous Grading at the Course Level

You can enable anonymous grading at the course level. Turning this feature option on displays an additional option when creating assignments. This additional option allows you to determine if you want the grading to be anonymous at the time of the assignment creation.

1. Click on "Settings" from your course navigation.

2. Select the "Feature Options" tab.

3. Turn on the "Anonymous Grading" option. Clicking the switch automatically saves your selection.

Click "Settings", go to "Feature Options", turn on "Anonymous Grading".

4. Turning this option will show a new "Anonymous Grading" option when creating an assignment

New "Anonymou Grading" option.

5. When viewing the anonymous grading assignment in the GradeBook, the column is blanked out.

Blanked out anonymous assignment column

6. If the grader tries to open an individual student's assignment in SpeedGrader, a warning appears telling the grader that they cannot access a specific student. Opening SpeedGrader from this warning will take the grader to SpeedGrader with an anonymous view. This feature cannot be turned off in the options, and is only on for the specific assignment.

Anonymous Mode On

7. Once assignment have been graded, and you are ready to view an individual student's grade for the assignment, you can click on the three dot icon next to the name of the assignment and click "Post Grades".

Click on the three dots icon and click "Post Grades"

8. A message will alert you that anonymity will be removed. Click "Post" to post grades and remove anonymity.


View the warning and click "Post".

More information about anonymous grading can be found on the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning's website. For more help, please contact