Course Reserves in Canvas Course

If you are having difficulty with your readings appearing within Canvas, please contact or call (203) 432-1775

Course Reserves is available to you through your Canvas site. Although it is shown in Canvas, Course Reserves is the Ares system developed and maintained by the library.

Below are the permissions for access to Course Reserves. Please note that these permissions are controlled through the Ares system and are not modifiable:

Permissions Student Visitor Auditor Guest Student TA Instructor
Add, edit, delete items in Course Reserves

View items in Course Reserves X X X X X X

For more information on how to use Canvas for your Course Reserves:

Note: Ares does not work with the Microsoft Edge browser (see screen cast below). This is a known issue that Atlas Systems is aware of. Currently there is no work around so please use a different browser when using Course Reserves:

For more help, please contact or call (203) 432-1775