How do I create a zip file?

Zip files are an easy way to package together multiple files.  In Canvas, zip files can be used to quickly upload multiple folders and files.

1. On your computer, find the files that you need to package up together. Highlight all of the files that you need.

Note: You can select multiple files by holding down the "Ctrl" key or the "Shift" key on your keyboard while you click on individual files.

Highlight all the files you need.

PC Instructions

2. Right click on one of the select files

3. Select "Send to"

4. "Compressed (zipped) folder".

Right click on the selected files, hover over "Send to", and select "Compressed (zipped) folder".

Mac Instructions

5. Hold down the "Ctrl" key while you click on one of the selected files.

6. From the menu, select "Compress Items".

"Ctrl"-click on the selected files, select "Compress Items".

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