Admin Access in Canvas

Registrars and departmental support staff may have admin level access in Canvas.  Admin level access in Canvas will allow users to find and access academic courses sites.  Admin access must be requested by a designated school/department requestor.

This access is not for staff who are supporting a few selected courses/faculty, or for individuals who are currently enrolled in degree programs at Yale.

How to request / modify / remove access

Contact your registrar or school/department designated requestor.  The requestor will complete the admin access request form on your behalf.

The Admin Access Request Form cannot be completed by users who are not designated requestors.

Who are the designated requestors for my school/department?

Click here to view a full list Canvas Admin Requestors.
(NOTE:  This article requires CAS authentication.)

What are the requirements to get admin access?

  1. A registrar or school/department requestor must fill out the request form on your behalf.
  2. You will need to complete the required Admin Access Tutorial:
    1. Complete the tutorial.
    2. Complete the Canvas Admins Terms of Use Acknowledgment.
    3. Complete the notify Canvas @ Yale Support Team assignment:
      1. Email required information to
      2. Complete the quiz acknowledging that you have sent the email to the correct email address.
  3. You will need to complete the FERPA Acknowledgment request (sent to you via email).  
    NOTE:   Registrars will not need to complete this component since they need to complete this as a requirement of their position at Yale.

How will I know that my admin access is granted?

You will receive an email once your admin access is complete.

How long is my admin access good for?

Admin access is good until the following July after you receive admin access.  In July/August, all admins are asked to re-acknowledge the Canvas Admins Terms of Use and receive 2 months to complete the requirements.  Once you complete that, your access will be renewed until the next July.

NOTE:  Notifications are sent out to admins to provide specific details about deadlines.

Can my access be taken away?

Your access will remain in tact unless:

  • Your school/department requestor asks that your access be removed.
  • During an admin audit, your school/department requestor indicates that your access is no longer needed.
  • You fail to re-acknowledge the Canvas Admins Terms of Use before the renewal deadline.
  • You move positions to another department.
  • You leave your position at Yale.

I am not sure how to use my admin access - how can I learn more about it?

Review the Admin Access Tutorial - all the information you need is in that tutorial site.