Panopto Webcasting GuidesHow do I schedule a webcast?

How do I schedule a webcast?

If you have been given access to a remote recorder to record lectures in a classroom, you can schedule automated webcasts ahead of time through the Media Library.

To begin, select the “Create” button in Media Library and choose the “Scheduled recording” option.

NOTE: In the create dropdown, do not use the Webcast tool unless you intend to schedule a webcast broadcast from a non-installed panopto remote recorder, such as a laptop or ipad.


Choose a name for the webcast and select the folder where the video will be uploaded by clicking the drop down menu. You will be able to select any folder you have creator permissions for.

Select your primary remote recorder. This will correspond to the room you wish to webcast from.

Select the times and dates you want recorded by choose a start date, start and end time for the recording, and if you wish to repeat the recording. If you choose to repeat a recording you will be able to select which days the recordings will take place and the date to end the scheduled recordings.

Select the checkbox Webcast session then select the create button to save