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Panopto (Media Library) service description

The Panopto (Media Library) tool is designed to enable instructors, TFs or project site maintainers to upload audio and video files that will be streamed to students and other participants in their Classes*v2 course or project sites. The tool also enables these users to record lectures, create video assignments, and organize content in folders for individual or departmental use.

Media library is Yale's implementation of Panopto, a media management and video capture platform. All media files are saved securely on and served from the Panopto servers, via Amazon web services.

If an instructor would like to record their in class lectures or if you have any questions about the media library please email and we will be happy to work with you.

All content from Media Gallery is being migrated to Media Library and will be availble to users by August 12th. Please contact if you’d like access to this content or have questions. You can also call John at 203-432-8268.

Media Library will be availble on August 19th.