Basic MapPress Usage

  1. Start a new Post or Page
  2. Scroll until you see the MapPress box
    MapPress section in WordPress editor page
  3. If it's not there, look for the Screen Options tab at the top of the screen
    Screen Options tab placement
    and select the MapPress box
    animated gif of checking the MapPress box in Screen Options
  4. Click the "New Map" button in the MapPress section
  5. Give your map a title
  6. In the search box (should have the words "Add POI" [Place of Interest] inside it), search as you would in any map service: place name, full address, latitude + longitude, etc.
    1. Note, though, that it will not automatically suggest completion possibilities for you the way many web mapping services will.
    2. It tends toward resolving a search regardless of whether there are multiple possible results. If your search terms are sufficiently unique and stored in Google's database, that can be fine. For instance, entering "Sterling Memorial Library" gives the right result, but searching for "Springfield" returns Springfield, MO, USA even though there are around 33 of them in the USA alone. (source:, FAQ 12)
  7. A successful search adds that point to the map.
  8. Click the blue "Save" button to save, but note that clicking that will change the interface from the map editor to the list of MapPress maps.
  9. To put the map in a post, place the cursor in the editing window where you want the map to appear and click "Insert into Post".
  10. Save or Update the Post

Further tips

To remove a point, hover over it in the list of places and click Delete.

You may also add items to the map by using the icon toolbar inset in the map. This gives more options than just a pin, such as a line, circle, or ad hoc polygon.

Once placed, you can edit the popup for a pin or other map widget to include text or images. (I have not successfully placed media other than still images' direct URIs into the popup, but I believe you can embed other media in a native Google Maps popup.) You can move pins around, but moving shapes doesn't work as well.

Documentation available from the plugin developers