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How do I assign permissions to my members at the group level?

As an Administrator of a portal, you won't want all of your organization's members to have the same permissions. 

To manage default permissions for all members of the portal: Select Settings in the top right of your portal, choose Organization Settings, then select the Permissions tab.

A large number of options will appear. The roles you can assign may include:

Manage, Contribute, View Only, Disable, and Default. 

An explanation of each of these roles, along with portal tools (called "Modules) appears in the screenshot, below.

You'll notice that you can allow specific groups to use each tool. For example, in the screenshot below, clicking on Grant Additional Permissions to Specific Groups allows you to choose from a drop down menu of your groups and set permissions for that tool as Default  or Manage.

When you've finished assigning permissions for tools, click Save Settings.

To control permissions at the individual level, please see the following article: How do I make a member a portal administrator?